I should like to thank the Somerset Aggregates Levy Fund for funding this work and stimulating its completion. I have had much help form the staff of Frome Public Library, the Somerset Record Office and many people in Chantry have helped with reminiscences and I should particularly like to thank those who made the deeds of their properties available. Michael McGarvie, Clive Wilkins and Penny Stokes also deserve many thanks.

My especial thanks are due to my wife Valerie, who typed this manuscript, and my daughter Joanna, who prepared the map.


There have been considerable constraints on the time available for the necessary research in the preparation of this work, and I am very aware that there is a lot of scope for further research. I hope to be able to continue with this, and to update the website from time to time. A further edition of this guide may be justified in due course. I would be very grateful to learn of more details of Chantry and its history.


A website is being set up, which will contain more detailed information and be expanded as further research is completed.

In the church is a stand with material relating to Chantry.


David Rawlins. M.B.,B.S. 2003